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Updated Monday 2:25 p.m.

Most would agree that the last few months -- heck, maybe even last several months -- have been hard-pressed to find weather that matches the season.

But finally we've got a weather pattern coming up that will look a whole like early April is supposed to look -- cool and showery!

After five straight days in the 60s, it'll likely be a while 'till we see the 60s again.

Clouds will increase this evening with rain developing via a cold front around midnight or so. Expect steady rains though dawn then tapering off to scattered showers, except for you in the Convergence Zone who will be in the rain for much of the day.

But just saying "scattered showers" isn't quite the full story Tuesday as some colder air finally wanders into the region, perhaps it's lost since we haven't really seen this since Star Wars ended at 6 movies. But this cold air will make the atmosphere quite unstable, meaning some of those showers could be rather ornery with lightning and/or small hail. But in between the showers will be passing brilliant sunbreaks, so it's one of those days where if you don't like the weather, just wait 20 minutes (unless you live in the Convergence Zone in which case, drive 20 miles.) Highs will drop to the low-mid 50s.

We'll see a somewhat similar story Wednesday, only the air mass won't be quite as unstable so while "showers and sunbreaks" covers it, showers aren't expected to be quite as numerous or as intense, but still noticeable. Highs will only be in the low 50s, and if by some chance the high only manages 49, it'd be the first time in two months we've been under 50.

It appears we'll have a break Thursday with partly sunny skies and just a few isolated showers near the mountains and foothills with highs in the mid 50s.

But Friday comes another cold front to repeat the weather pattern-- expect steady light rain through the day, and then another two-day round of scattered showers and sunbreaks over both weekend days with highs in the low-mid 50s. We can't rule out a thunderstorm late Friday or Saturday, but air mass isn't looking quite as unstable as it was Tuesday, so chances of thunderstorms and hail are a little lower.

Looks like we dry out again for Monday, but long range models keep the general cool and showery pattern going.

So enjoy a bit of rare spring normalcy in the Seattle weather department this week. Unless this is one ELABORATE April Fool's Day prank by Mother Nature? ("Surprise! It'll be sunny and 73 instead!")

Scott Sistek Meteorologist
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