Unusual mascot a huge hit at Texas hardware store

Unusual mascot a huge hit at Texas hardware store
Store co-owner Andrea Ridout hugs Prince George the rooster at the Gecko Hardware Store in Dallas on Friday, April 25, 2014. She says George likes to cuddle, unlike any rooster she has known. (AP Photo/LM Otero)
DALLAS (AP) — A Dallas hardware store's unusual mascot is proving popular with customers.

Prince George is a Buff Orpington rooster. He occupies a spot in the front of the Gecko Hardware Store.

The store's co-owner Andrea Ridout says foot traffic went up noticeably on the weekends when customers realized the rooster likes the attention.

Ridout says Prince George started ruling the roost when a little girl returned him after she learned he wouldn't become a hen. The rooster has occupied the top spot on the store's pecking order for a year.

Dallas officials have given the store an exemption to keep the feathered animal on the premises. Prince George also visits schools and senior citizen sites.