What do you do while you listen to STAR? Share your photos on Instagram

star 1015
Kent and Alan demonstrate how to pose for a great Instagram photo.

Are you on Instagram? So is STAR 101.5. We like to use it to show you what we're doing while we're on air -- but we also what to know what you're doing while we're up to.

So here's the plan: You Instagram a photo of what you're doing while you listen to STAR and use the hashtag #LiveOnSTAR. Then, we'll pull together our favorites and turn them into a gallery at the end of the week. 

Follow us on Instagram at STAR1015 (we're pretty easy to search for), then start taking photos. At the office? Working out? Walking the dog? Whatever you do while you listen to STAR, send us your photos. You can also Tweet them at us at @STAR1015fm

Happy Instagramming!