PHOTOS: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Eloise - Enchanting Eloise
  • Uno -  She's the one!
  • Willy -  Bashful Boy
  • Paulo  - Sweet and Shy
  • Bubby -  One Happy Tabby!
  • Eloise - Enchanting Eloise
  • Fleur - Feather-loving Fleur!
  • Celery - Playful Lap Cat!
Eloise - Enchanting Eloise
This pretty girl is Eloise. Eloise is a sleek black domestic shorthair girl with twinkling green eyes. A calm and relaxed demeanor makes Eloise a great companion for anyone looking for a lap kitty. Give her a little catnip and Eloise will turn right into a kitten and play play play! Quick to purr and eager to roll over for belly rubs, this sweet girl is a staff favorite. Come to Seattle Humane Society and meet your future lap warmer. -