PHOTOS: 10 adoptable cats from Seattle Humane Society

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Olive -Sweet Little Charmer
  • Olive -Sweet Little Charmer
  • Finn - Brave Explorer
  • Cassie  - Six-Pound Princess
  • Uno -  She's the one!
  • Willy -  Bashful Boy
  • Paulo  - Sweet and Shy
  • Bubby -  One Happy Tabby!
Olive -Sweet Little Charmer
Olive is a sleek and petite jet black kitten. While sweet and demure, Olive can hold her own during wrestling matches with her brother, Finn. She also enjoys having assorted toys tossed to her for "batting practice." At the end of the day, Olive enjoys curling up with Finn and her foster parents to rest up for a new day. Olive is bonded with Finn, so they would like to go home together. Both Olive and Finn are three-legged kitties and will require an indoor-only home. They are currently receiving lots of TLC in their foster home. If you would like to meet or learn more about them, please contact our Adoptions department by calling (425)649-7563 or e-mailing