Casey Kasem's widow dumped by her lawyers

Casey Kasem's widow dumped by her lawyers
FILE - In this Oct. 27, 2003, file photo, Casey Kasem poses for photographers after receiving the Radio Icon award during The 2003 Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Eric Jamison, File)
LOS ANGELES - Casey Kasem's wife Jean has been dealt another blow as her attorneys have requested to step down as her legal team.

The late veteran broadcaster passed away June 14 in Washington state, and Jean has been locked in a battle with Casey's adult children even after his passing.

Now Jean's lawyers of Los Angeles-based firm Haney & Young are asking the court to relieve them as her counsel as soon as possible.

According to legal documents filed in Casey's conservatorship obtained by, the lawyers claim Jean does not respond to any of their correspondence, including email and phone.

In addition, the papers state Jean has amounted $500,000 in unpaid fees for her various legal battles, and if she does not settle the balance, the money will allegedly come out of Casey's estate.

Jean's lawyer troubles come amid the escalating family feud over where the late star will be laid to rest. Jean was given control of the star's remains, but Casey has yet to be laid to rest more than a month after his death.

It was reported on Wednesday that his body was removed from a mortuary in Washington state and flown to Montreal, Canada.