10 things to do when traveling to Greece

10 things to do when traveling to Greece
Image: 2005 © Kyle Helstein

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Dreaming of a Mediterranean vacation? Our friends at The Greek Gods® are going to send a lucky winner on the trip of a lifetime -- but if you win, what would you actually do once you got to Greece?

Here are just a few tips on how you could spend the time:
Exploring Santorini: The distinctive architecture of Santorini is about as classically Greek as you can get. Set atop craggy hillsides, the combination of natural and man-made beauty is breathtaking.
Getting historic with the Delphi Theater: With an original seating capacity of 5,000, the Delphi Theatre was once a place of worship. Now, it’s mostly popular with tourists looking to get a taste of history. Finding it on a map is fairly easy -- but not as easy as it was for the Greeks, who believed it was the middle of the Earth.
Sunning on the beaches of Crete: Think bright blue ocean, white sand and plenty of sun -- Crete is home to the kind of beautiful beaches you see in your dreams.
Partying in Mykonos: If you get a chance to scoot to this idyllic island, don’t be fooled by its sweet appearance; this is a place who knows how to have a good time. A major part of Mykonos’s appeal is its nightlife, and it’s a hot destination for celebrities looking to hit the clubs.
Skiing Mount Parnassus: Skiing in Greece? You bet! Mount Parnassus may not be a huge skiing destination, but for those who love to hit the slopes, it’s a must-see. The expansive views are incredible, and the lodge, built in the 1970s, is a historical throwback.
Admiring the Parthenon: No trip to Greece would be complete without a trip to see this historical landmark. Completed in 432 B.C., the fact that its still standing is a testament to its impressive construction by early Greeks.
Dining in Chania: The second-largest city in Crete, Chania is known for its exquisite restaurants, located in beautiful, historic buildings. Come in the summer for outdoor dining on perfect, clear, sunny days.
Shopping on Ermou Street: Take home a bit of Greece by hitting this high-end shopping district that blends old and new. You can pick up apparel from international clothiers, while taking in some interesting architecture, like a Byzantine church.
Learning at the National Archeological Museum: Admire beautiful statues and learn about some of Greece’s impressive architecture at this incredible museum, which is home to some of history’s most important artifacts. Students of Homer will recognize some of the statues described, while art-lovers will enjoy the expansive collection of paintings.
Getting ancient in Mystras: Explore the ruins of the town that was the precursor to Sparta while taking in some of Greece’s breathtaking landscapes. Mystras is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means it’s maintained and well-kept, while still offering a link to the past.