6 Greek-style Yogurt Recipes (that aren’t for breakfast)

 6 Greek-style Yogurt Recipes (that aren’t for breakfast)
Image: Jessica from Hove, United Kingdom via Flickr

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If there was one food that everyone was talking about in 2013, it was Greek-style yogurt. But this delicious dairy wonder is hardly a fad -- in fact, it is so versatile, it should be considered a refrigerator staple from now until...forever! 

Take a break from pairing your Greek Gods Greek-style Yogurt with granola (though that’s great, too) and take it to the next level with these palate-pleasing sides, entrees, and desserts.

The Greek Gods® Cucumber dill Greek yogurt salad: Is there anything more refreshing than the combination of cucumbers and yogurt? This light side is perfect for back-to-school (or work) lunches, or as an appetizer at a party -- and the best part? It won’t derail your New Year’s resolution diet. 

Healthy mac and cheese: January is a time for comfort food, which can be a gut-buster. But if you’re smart (and sub in Greek yogurt), you can lighten up this family favorite, without sacrificing flavor.
Tortellini with Yogurt, Mint, and Smoked Paprika: Greek yogurt in an Italian-inspired dish? You betcha. This recipe from Rozanne Gold only seems fancy -- it’s actually crazy simple, but still looks impressive.
Lamb burgers with yogurt sauce: Is it too early to bust out the grill? No way! Get traditional with these zesty lamb burgers -- which, unsurprisingly, pair great with Greek yogurt!
French yogurt cake: Don’t let the name fool you; this loaf cake is French-inspired, but the secret to its moist, dreamy texture is totally Greek! This is a highly customizable dessert, so feel free to get creative.
Greek yogurt soft sugar cookies: Baking with yogurt might just be your never favorite thing. These cute cookies are kid-friendly without being overly-sweet, and you can fill an entire afternoon just decorating them!