Your Year-End Financial Housekeeping

The summer is behind us so it's time to do some financial housekeeping that we pushed to the back burner during the Pacific Northwest’s historically rainless summer.

Your 401(k)

Let’s start with your 401(k). If you are not contributing the maximum amount allowed on your 401(k) plan, consider increasing your contribution. Not only will you be saving more for retirement, it will also help you lower your tax obligation. 

Your Will

How about your will? When was the last time you updated it and checked the beneficiaries on your accounts?

Your Insurance

Insurance can be one of your larger expenses—make sure you have suitable coverage and you aren't paying too much in premiums

Your Flexible Spending Account

Do you have a flexible spending account? Remember that if you don't use up the tax-free money by year end, you lose it.

Your Charitable Donations

Lastly, don’t’ forget to get make your charitable donation by year end. .


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