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Singer-songwriter David Cook took the stage at Snoqualmie Casino's STAR Lounge on Tuesday to a crowd of fans and STAR listeners. He played an acoustic set of hits including "Light On" and "Come Back to Me" and his latest single "The Last Goodbye."

Cook's sophomore album, This Loud Morning, is set to release June 28. He told radio host Alan Budwill that the record took longer to produce than his first, self-titled album because it is more personal and honest.

“I think we put out the first record so fast and then immediately went on the road,” Cook said. “We were on the road for almost a year and I got off the road and had all these experiences that I hadn’t dealt with. Great things like traveling the world, and then on the flipside of that, things like losing my brother. So when we got off the road and starting writing all that stuff just kind of resurfaced. It just became really apparent as I was dealing with all that stuff and trying to write about it from an honest perspective that I needed to take the time with these songs to get them right.”

STAR listeners also had a chance between each song to ask Cook questions, of which included his thoughts on this season’s American Idol. Cook won the seventh season of American Idol in 2008.

"I’m sucked in,” he said. “I think this year’s crop is incredible. What I love about this season is that the show is really committing itself to pushing the contestants and allowing the audience to invest in them.”

Along with his album release, Cook told fans they can find him doing more concert tours, including going to Vietnam next month for the Hennessy Artistry Series to perform with UK's X Factor winner Alexandra Burke.

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