Interview: Get what you want, for free, on the Web

Interview: Get what you want, for free, on the Web
Photo: Flickr user MrB-MMX (CC License)

Kent and Alan talked to Desiree Miller, writer and web guru of Tuesday morning, and learned some pretty thrifty stuff.

For example: Did you know you can get pretty much any beauty product, for men or women, free off the web? It's true, says Miller, it all just depends on how much digging you want to do.

A few websites she uses as examples are:, and These sites give away hundreds of items and daily. Miller says all these freebies are promotional material for the product companies. Companies what their product in your hand as a hook, and what better way then giving samples for free.

Miller does offer tips though, to make sure there are no hiccups in the searching and ordering process. One idea is to create an email address specifically for ordering free stuff. Most of the time the websites only ask for your email and mailing address. Having a different email address helps protect your identity, and is a good way to keep any possible spam from overrunning your main email.

But what if a website ever asks for your credit card? Listen to more tips and advice from Desiree Miller with Kent and Alan.