Where are they NOW?

We've had some impressive talent stand behind our micophones over the years. We've heard from a few of them who let us know what they are up to these days:

Todd Baker moved to Hollywood. His apartment is right around the corner from the famous Hollywood & Highland (Kodak Theatre) complex.

Wendy Christopher became a geek. She develops and tests software for a variety of companies, including that "M-word" over in Redmond.

Jim Dai has been invited into and out of stations all over the market, including afternoon drive at KJR, morning drive at KIXI, and now mornings at Smooth Jazz.

Casey Keating (Program Director) is still our "station voice". He consults stations around the country sitting in his bare feet next to a pool (hoping the owners don't come home and catch him).

Jeff King left 101.5 and became a TV weatherman in Monterrey, CA. He's now in Hawaii .. easier to predict the weather by just saying "SUNNY". Jeff always liked to tape out early.

Bill Rice (News Director) hasn't strayed too far ... he's midday anchor on KOMO Radio. Of course, he had a long history in Seattle between 101.5 and KOMO, including KJR, KJR-FM, KUBE.

Jim Severn also moved to Hollywood. We haven't heard much ... we believe he became Lorenzo Lamas' pool boy.

Slim came to us from a string of legendary stations around the country. She is now reitred in Arizona.

Paul Walker has been programming stations in Washington, Alaska, and Oregon.

Let us know if you were a part of the "mob" here and what you're up to and we'll be sure to add you to this list ... and notify those companies that keep calling us for collections.